Cobo Bikes
Cobo Bikes

Every time you make a COBO purchase you are helping your local bike store.

In fact, the COBO brand is actually owned by local independent bicycle retailers.

Cobo Bikes

COBO™ bikes, parts and accessories are cooperatively bought, and offered exclusively by the independent bicycle retailers of
The Bike Cooperative. Because COBO comes direct
from the same factories as the most popular brands in the
industry, you’re getting a great product, and great value.

We believe that bike riding is good for people’s health,
great for the environment, and that people who ride bikes
are ultimately more connected to their communities.

Thanks for supporting your local bike store!

Our store owners know product inside and out, so you can count on COBO to deliver a high standard of quality.
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All COBO products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty on aftermarket parts, accessories and COBO aluminum bike frames.
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